Introducing our 2019 event Organisers.

Jo Corteen -


Jo was born and brought up in Petts Wood. 

She is a singer and guitarist with local band Chain. 

If you need any information about Petts Woodstock - or if you'd like to join the crew contact her at

Sue Radford -
Sue has been a Petts Wood resident for 30+ years and is currently on the committee of the Petts Wood & District Residents Association.
Sue Radford is a qualified librarian with a previous career in banking
. In her spare time Sue enjoys listening to music and going to support local bands.
Sue is Treasurer for this year's event.

Kieron Jarrold -


Kieron was the founder of Petts Woodstock which all started back in 2009 at The Daylight Inn. Kieron looks after the sponsorship of Petts Woodstock so if you'd like to sponsor the event in any way please contact him.


He is also Petts Wood’s most well known painter and decorator and is the owner of ‘Petts Wood Painting & Decorating’.

Dean R. Chandler - Principal of Dean Chandler Wealth Management in Petts Wood.


In his spare time Dean also writes music and recently launched his debut album ‘TiME MACHiNE-REFLECTING SHATTERED DREAMS’ produced byDan Cooper. You can read more here:


Should you wish to advertise on this site please email Kieron Jarrold at:

Tammy Jennings - Webmaster


Tammy is a local girl who is in the midst of her teacher training. She has been part of the Petts Woodstock crew for 3 years. In her spare time she sings with Rock Choir and has now taken on the huge challenge of designing and maintaining the Petts Woodstock website.  

Any website enquiries can be emailed to:

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